Google Added “Google News Performance” Data in Google Search Console


This time Google began dependable presentation information in Google scan console for a Google New distributer. This time Google search control center will permit following their site page in Google search to the Webmaster apparatus. It will convey broad news connected with content execution in Google News.

Execution Report of Google New

This report will show digital marketing company patna the information and record of CTR, Impression, and snaps for your exhibition in Google news from Google news App (Android/iOS) and site, and further you can channel its gadget type, nation, and page.

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Check the screen capture of how this report resembles:

What this report doesn’t have

This report doesn’t have the “news tab” in Google search, which is remembered for the exhibition information, Filtered to the new, Change its looked through type – A report distributed by Google in July 2020 in Search console.

There you get more assist with archiving where you can learn numerous things.

Why we care about this report

This report is huge documentation for those site distributers who need to screen their site execution in Google news. Utilizing this report, digital marketing agency in patna can get information about impressions and snaps you are getting past the Google news from and Google news application (android/ios). This report will assist you with making insightful information around Google news traffic.