Business Website – WordPress versus Static HTML which one is best?

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Having a business site for your business has become as normal as having a telephone number. It is really interesting for a laid out or forthcoming business to not have an internet based presence as a site.

Assuming you are intending to assemble a site for your business, there are two choices accessible to digital marketing company mumbai: WordPress or static HTML. The two of them offer exceptional characteristics yet fill a similar need. Allow us to examine the two of them to comprehend which one is best for your business profile.


WordPress is a Content administration framework and is one of the most well known site content administration frameworks seen today. It is applauded for its effortlessness and everybody can utilize it without requiring a high level range of abilities as there is no coding included.


Easy to understand interface

This is maybe the most grounded element of WordPress. It is straightforward enough for even amateurs to utilize, the dashboard is connecting with and doesn’t need an expert web engineer to add or alter pages. This permits entrepreneurs themselves to deal with their sites and make it as indicated by their thoughts and assumptions.

Layout and topic assortment

WordPress offers different expert layouts that are fit to be utilized and are free. This saves time and exertion in planning your own topic. As there is large number of subjects on offer, you can undoubtedly attempt new ones until you observe the ideal layout that best matches your organizations profile.

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Module similarity

Another justification for why WordPress is so strong and broadly utilized is the way that it upholds countless modules. A WordPress module is a product application that sudden spikes in demand for the WordPress stage and gives extra usefulness permitting the site to turn out to be more successful and fill its need.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a site building language that characterizes the construction of website pages. To make a site utilizing HTML, an accomplished web engineer is expected to compose the establishment code of the site.

Motivations to involve HTML for your business site improvement

Negligible support required

Dissimilar to WordPress, HTML doesn’t require module updates or customary prudent reinforcements as there is no similarity for modules. This makes it a less work concentrated choice instead of WordPress that requires steady upkeep for overhauling modules and introducing layout refreshes.

Admittance to code

With a HTML site, digital marketing company pune will be working straightforwardly with the hidden code; this will be not difficult to work with on the off chance that you have a committed web engineer to alter the code. Redone code can be utilized to tailor-make a site.

Will WordPress, or static HTML suit your business needs?

In the wake of finding out about the two choices, the time has come to conclude which is better for building your business site and why it is the better decision.